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Main Purpose

Shedevrum is an AI-powered app that allows users to generate images and text based on their descriptions.

Key Features

  • Image Generation: Users can describe an image they want, and the Yandex neural network will create a picture that fits the description.
  • Text Generation: Users can ask the neural network to generate a story, joke, fairy tale, or proverb based on their request.
  • Style Customization: Users can specify a particular style for the generated image, such as "portrait of a man from outer space in the style of van Gogh" or "cute, fluffy kitten in a fairytale style".
  • Feed and Interaction: Users can scroll through a feed, comment on other users' posts, like them, and save their favorite pictures to their phone.
  • Notifications: If the generation process takes more than two minutes, the app will send a notification when the image or text is ready.

Use Case

  • Digital Art Creation: Shedevrum is ideal for artists and enthusiasts who want to explore the world of digital art and generate unique images based on their descriptions.
  • Creative Writing: The app can be used by writers who need inspiration or want to generate stories, jokes, or fairy tales based on specific themes or ideas.
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