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Main Purpose is a platform that offers language model copilot and API services for businesses. It provides AI-powered tools to enhance writing, grammar checking, and communication in various business contexts.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class omnichannel support with integrations for popular messaging and CRM platforms.
  • Enterprise security with private cloud hosting, data encryption, redaction of personally identifiable information (PII), and self-hosted/on-premises deployment options.
  • Two-click installation for quick provisioning of agents and easy deployment.
  • Grammar checking and writing assistance with spell and grammar checking, writing suggestions, and autocomplete features.
  • Autocomplete Everywhere (premium feature) for AI-powered autocomplete suggestions across various CRM and messaging platforms.
  • Snippets (premium feature) for quickly searching and inserting commonly used messages to save time.

Use Case

  • Enhancing writing and communication in business teams.
  • Improving grammar and writing quality in messages, emails, and documents.
  • Maintaining a professional writing tone across the business team.
  • Saving time with autocomplete suggestions and snippets for commonly used messages.
Pricing Model:

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