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Main Purpose is a platform that utilizes AI tools to assist users in creating graphics, pictures, and writing. It aims to spark creativity, automate repetitive tasks, and provide easy-to-edit templates for various design needs.

Key Features

  • AI Art Generator: Helps users turn their ideas into mesmerizing artwork.
  • AI Corporate Headshots: Enables users to create professional headshots without the need for a studio.
  • Personalization: Offers features like AI Xmas Headshots and anime conversions to personalize how users are portrayed.
  • Photo Enhancement: Provides tools for upscaling images, colorizing old photos, and refining details in faces.
  • Restoration and Enhancement: Allows users to bring damaged pictures back to life and enhance image details.

Use Case

  • Creating graphics for social media posts
  • Designing device mockups
  • Generating marketing images
  • Creating app icons
  • Restoring and enhancing old photos
Pricing Model:

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