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Main Purpose

Retool AI is a suite of features that allows users to build bespoke AI-powered tools for their businesses. It enables users to connect to any Language Model (LLM) provider, build apps and workflows visually or with code, and securely publish them to their users.

Key Features

  • Secure deployment: Retool AI offers self-hosted deployments, permissions, audit trails, single sign-on (SSO), and version control to keep data secure.
  • Efficient scaling: Users can deploy and maintain apps with more control, deeper analytics, and built-in security. They can create apps for managing AI credit usage, customizing LLMs, content moderation, onboarding new users, creating actionable dashboards, and more.
  • Fast and powerful AI building blocks: Retool AI provides AI Actions, pre-built blocks that interact with LLMs, allowing users to build AI-powered workflows to automate manual tasks. It also offers Retool Vectors, a managed vector store for embeddings, to build custom AI-powered search for business data.
  • Ask AI coding assistant: Retool AI includes Ask AI, an AI coding assistant that helps users write business logic, query data, and debug code faster.
  • Secure deployment: Retool AI offers granular permissions, SSO, audit logging, version control, and usage analytics. Users can also self-host Retool and use open-source LLMs like Llama2.

Use Case

  • Support bots: Retool AI can be used to build chatbots for support teams.
  • Sentiment analysis: It enables sentiment analysis for product teams.
  • Content moderation workflows: Retool AI can be used to create workflows for content moderation.
  • Ticket categorization and labeling: It allows for automating ticket categorization and labeling.
  • Sales CRM automation: Retool AI can automate sales CRM processes.
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