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Main Purpose

Process Street is an AI-powered process management platform that revolutionizes how businesses create, manage, and optimize their processes for maximum performance and growth.

Key Features

  • AI Workflow Generator: Generates comprehensive workflows with fillable form fields, contextual text guidance, dynamic due dates, and approvals.
  • AI Workflow Import: Uploads documents that Process AI reads and transforms into workflows.
  • AI Task Generator: Creates individual tasks with contextual content, form fields, emails, and approvals.
  • AI Email Generator: Generates personalized emails using subject lines and form field labels.
  • AI Text Content Generator: Creates new contextual text blocks or improves existing ones.
  • AI Task: Performs on-the-fly task execution, data processing, and transformation.

Use Case

  • Streamlining business operations and recurring work processes.
  • Simplifying process documentation and management.
  • Automating task generation, email creation, and text content generation.
  • Enhancing workflow and task automation capabilities.
  • Importing and transforming documents into workflows.
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