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Main Purpose is an AI-powered platform that integrates ChatGPT and other AI functionalities into your daily tasks, making AI accessible and enhancing your workflow.

Key Features

  • ChatGPT Sidebar: Pull up ChatGPT on any tab without toggling between tabs.
  • AI Playground: Support for ChatGPT 3.5, GPT-4, Claude Instant, Claude 2, and Google Bard (Bison model).
  • Group Chat: Ask questions to multiple AIs and compare their answers in real-time.
  • Contextual Assistance: Get in-context assistance using ChatGPT while reading articles, responding to tweets, or doing searches.
  • Prompt Management: Save and manage prompts for reuse across the web.
  • Chat with Files: Chat with images using Sider Vision, chat with PDFs, and soon chat directly with web pages.
  • Reading Assistance: Quick lookup, article summarizer, video summaries, and leverage saved prompts for deeper insights.
  • Writing Assistance: Real-time writing assistance, outline composer, sentence sculpting, and tone twister.
  • Website Enhancements: Boost search engines, elevate email capabilities, stand out on Q&A platforms, and get YouTube video summaries.
  • AI Artistry: Text-to-image conversion, background eraser, text remover, and background swapper.
  • Sider Widgets: Draft articles, extract text from images, improve text clarity, and customize translations.
  • Other Cool Features: Cross-platform support, BYO API Key, and integration with ChatGPT Plus plugins.

Use Case

  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency in daily tasks by integrating AI capabilities.
  • Improving writing and language skills with real-time assistance and suggestions.
  • Getting in-context assistance while reading articles or doing research.
  • Boosting search engine results and improving email communication.
  • Answering questions on Q&A platforms with AI-assisted insights.
  • Summarizing articles and YouTube videos for quick information.
  • Enhancing creativity with AI artistry features.
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