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Main Purpose

Read This Twice is a website that provides book recommendations and a personalized book-finding experience.

Key Features

  • AI Book Assistant: Sona, the AI-driven book recommendation assistant, helps users discover their next read by using book smarts to recommend the perfect book based on their preferences.
  • Authentic Recommendations: Read This Twice aims to provide authentic book recommendations from thought leaders, complete with quotes and links to the sources.
  • Tracking Thought Leaders: The website tracks over 3,000 thought leaders and their book recommendations across social media and interviews, adding them to the website.
  • Curated Book Lists: Read This Twice monitors thousands of book blogs and websites to create the best book lists for users.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Users can create an account and make their own personalized book recommendations for their friends and community.

Use Case

  • Individuals looking for personalized book recommendations based on their preferences and interests.
  • Book enthusiasts who want to discover new books recommended by thought leaders and experts.
  • Users who want to create and share their own book recommendations with others.

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