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Main Purpose

The main purpose of ixigo Trip Planner is to provide users with a visual and comprehensive way to plan their trips. It offers travel information, route planning, and recommendations for various modes of transport and destinations.

Key Features

  • Visual trip planning with combinations of flights, trains, buses, cars, and taxis.
  • Distance, driving directions, and destination information.
  • Route maps and advice on route planning.
  • Recommendations tailored to user preferences.
  • Real-time updates on weather and air quality for chosen destinations.
  • AI-powered recommendation engine that considers weather and air quality when making suggestions.
  • Future plans for real-time social sharing and deeper integration with deals and offers.

Use Case

  • Planning a trip from one town in India to another, including finding the best modes of transport and nearby destinations.
  • Getting personalized recommendations for places to visit based on user preferences.
  • Making informed decisions about travel dates based on real-time weather and air quality updates.
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