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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Glean is to provide an enterprise AI search and knowledge discovery platform.

Key Features

  • Cross-Platform Search: Glean offers a snappy, cross-platform search that goes beyond email and documents, allowing users to find everything they need in one place.
  • Comprehensive Search: Unlike some other search tools, Glean searches across the entire breadth of your company, including documents, emails, and other content, ensuring a thorough search experience.
  • Contextual Results: Glean utilizes context, language, behavior, and relationships with others to deliver highly relevant search results to users.

Use Case

  • Enterprise Search: Glean is designed for businesses and organizations that need a powerful search tool to enhance knowledge discovery and information retrieval within their company.
  • Team Collaboration: Glean can facilitate collaboration by providing a centralized search platform where team members can easily access and share information.
  • Efficient Information Retrieval: Glean helps users save time and effort by quickly finding the information they need, improving productivity and decision-making.

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