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Main Purpose

Amazon QuickSight is a business intelligence (BI) service provided by AWS that allows users to build, discover, and share actionable insights and narratives using intuitive natural language experiences.

Key Features

  • Generative BI capabilities: Users can build visuals and calculations, refine visuals, and self-serve data and insights using natural language querying, automated contextual summaries, and generated narratives.
  • Interactive dashboards: QuickSight provides interactive dashboards that allow users to explore data and gain insights.
  • Paginated Reports: Users can create paginated reports for printing or sharing in PDF format.
  • Natural language queries: Users can ask questions of their data using natural language without having to write SQL queries or learn a BI tool.
  • Embedded analytics: QuickSight allows users to embed analytics into their applications, portals, or websites.
  • Scalability: QuickSight automatically scales to tens of thousands of users without requiring users to set up, configure, or manage their own servers.

Use Case

  • Business analysts: QuickSight's generative BI capabilities enable business analysts to easily perform common tasks using natural language, such as creating visuals, refining visuals, and creating calculations.
  • Business users: QuickSight's generative BI capabilities allow business users to generate, customize, and share compelling visual narratives using natural language prompts.
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