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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Artbreeder is to provide a collaborative, machine learning-based platform for generating and modifying images of various categories, including faces, landscapes, and paintings.

Key Features

  • Image Remixing: Users can interact with the website by remixing, or "breeding," images found in the publicly accessible database. They can modify images by tweaking sliders known as "genes" to create new variations.
  • Crossbreeding: Users can "crossbreed" any image with other publicly viewable images from the database, using a slider to control the influence of each image on the resulting "child" image.
  • Image Upload: Artbreeder allows users to upload new images, which the model will attempt to convert into the latent space of the network.
  • Animated Video Interpolation: Users can interpolate a sequence of images from the same category to create animated videos.

Use Case

  • Artistic Exploration: Artbreeder provides a platform for artists and enthusiasts to explore and experiment with generating and modifying images in various categories.
  • Profile Picture Generation: The AI-driven text adventure game AI Dungeon uses Artbreeder to generate profile pictures for its users.
  • Visual Creation for Music Videos: Artists like The Static Age's Andrew Paley have used Artbreeder to create visuals for their music videos.
  • Character Portraits: Artbreeder has been used to create portraits of characters from popular novels such as Harry Potter and Twilight.
  • Realistic Features for Ancient Portraits: Artbreeder has been used to add realistic features to ancient portraits.
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