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Main Purpose aims to provide a solution for advertisers to target real people and eliminate fake clicks and traffic. Their main purpose is to eradicate invalid traffic and improve the return on ad spend by focusing on genuine conversion potential.

Key Features

  • Ad Fraud Prevention: offers click fraud prevention and ad fraud protection solutions to help advertisers avoid wasting their ad spend on fake clicks and non-human traffic.
  • Concentrated Advertising Budgets: The platform allows advertisers to concentrate 100% of their advertising budgets on real people with genuine conversion potential, ensuring that their ad spend is effectively utilized.
  • Transparent Campaign Data: provides fully transparent campaign data, enabling advertisers to analyze and optimize their campaigns based on accurate and reliable metrics.

Use Case

  • Advertisers: is designed for marketers and advertisers who want to eliminate the negative impact of fake clicks and non-human traffic on their advertising campaigns. It helps them target real people and improve the profitability of their ad spend.
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