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Main Purpose

Wonder Dynamics is a platform that utilizes AI technology to automate and enhance visual effects (VFX) work in the film and entertainment industry.

Key Features

  • Automated Performance Transfer: Wonder Dynamics can automatically detect an actor's performance from footage and transfer it to a CG character, complete with animation, lighting, and composition.
  • Integration with Existing Pipelines: The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing production pipelines, making it easier for studios to incorporate Wonder Dynamics into their workflow.
  • USD Export: Wonder Dynamics now supports exporting 3D scenes in USD (Universal Scene Description) format, allowing users to recreate their Wonder Studio scenes in various DCC (Digital Content Creation) software.
  • Scene Editing and Customization: Within the USD framework, users can easily edit and customize various components of their scene, such as character animation, camera tracking, lighting, and more.
  • Portable and Shareable Scenes: Wonder Dynamics packages scenes in a portable format with relative references and low-resolution textures, making it easy to share and relocate the scenes.
  • Hydra Delegates: The platform offers Hydra delegates to facilitate the transition between different render engines, such as Arnold, Karma, Substance, Renderman, and more.

Use Case

  • Streamlining VFX Work: Wonder Dynamics automates a significant portion (80%-90%) of "objective" VFX work, allowing artists to focus on the more subjective aspects of their craft.
  • Simplifying Workflow: Studios and artists can use Wonder Dynamics to simplify their production pipeline and enhance efficiency in creating CG characters and scenes.
  • Seamless Integration: The platform's ability to integrate with various DCC software and render engines makes it suitable for studios and artists working in different environments.

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