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Main Purpose

VideoAsk is a web app that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from their audience in video, voice, or text format. It aims to help businesses form more personal connections with their audiences and create relationships.

Key Features

  • Frictionless responding: Respondents can easily click the link, record or write their answer, and send it without the need to add or follow the user.
  • Contact form integration: Users can automatically ask for respondents' name and email after they've recorded a response, allowing for continued conversation.
  • Multi-step VideoAsks: Users can set up a chain of questions in a single VideoAsk, appearing to ask the next question right after the respondent has answered the previous one.
  • Non-video answers: VideoAsk allows people to respond by text, capturing responses from those who are camera-shy.
  • Transcription: Users can transcribe video and audio answers into text in multiple languages.

Use Case

  • Job applications: VideoAsk can be used to get a sense of job applicants' personalities before meeting them in person.
  • Contact forms: VideoAsk can replace traditional website contact forms, allowing users to connect with their audience from the moment they land on their site.
  • Testimonials: VideoAsk provides an authentic way to capture customer testimonials in video format, allowing potential customers to see and hear real people's thoughts about a product.
  • Feedback: VideoAsk enables businesses to gather face-to-face feedback, providing a deeper understanding of users' experiences and allowing for immediate follow-up conversations.

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