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Main Purpose

Timely is a time tracking and productivity tool designed to help individuals and teams track their work hours, monitor budgets, and improve time efficiency.

Key Features

  • Automatic Time Tracking: Timely automatically tracks the time spent on various tasks and activities, including web and desktop applications, client meetings, GPS locations, documents, browsers, and emails.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Users can monitor budgets, hours, and activities in real-time, allowing for better project management and resource allocation.
  • Stack Integration: Timely can be connected to various tools and platforms to provide a complete overview of a team's time and performance.

Use Case

  • Team Time Tracking: Timely is ideal for teams and organizations that need to track and manage their work hours, budgets, and activities in real-time.
  • Project Management: Timely helps project managers monitor project budgets, track time spent on different tasks, and analyze team performance.
  • Freelancers and Consultants: Timely is useful for freelancers and consultants who need to accurately track their billable hours and generate timesheets for clients.
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