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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the website is to provide access to the Text Assistant app.

Key Features

  • Custom Prompts: Users can add their own prompts for easy access and generate specific, targeted output.
  • Prompt Options: Unlimited prompt options can be created and reused whenever needed.
  • Symbol Support: Users can add symbols to their prompts.
  • Output Copying: The app allows users to quickly copy the generated output.
  • Prompt Sharing: Custom prompts can be easily shared with friends through a URL scheme.
  • Safari App Extension: Experimental support for using prompts on any content in Safari (limited to three built-in prompts).
  • Global Adjustments: Users can adjust temperature and GPT model globally (per prompt adjustment will be available in a future update).
  • OpenAI Integration: Direct connection with OpenAI for the lowest costs.
  • Example Prompts: Gallery with example prompts to quickly add to the list.
  • Conversation Mode: Chat with (famous) people in conversation mode.

Use Case

  • Writing Assistance: Text Assistant can be used to generate useful pieces of text for various use cases, such as writing sales pitches, blog posts, or letters.
  • Time and Effort Saving: By leveraging AI, Text Assistant aims to save users time and effort by automating text generation tasks.
Pricing Model:

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