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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Quilgo is to automate assessments, exams, and interviews, providing a range of features to make online testing and evaluation processes more efficient and convenient.

Key Features

  • Custom Quizzes: Quilgo allows users to build custom quizzes with multiple-choice, checkboxes, or open-ended questions. It also offers the option to import quizzes from existing files or generate quizzes from articles using AI.
  • Access Control: Users can control access to their quizzes by leaving them open for registrations, limiting sign-ups to specific domains, or restricting access to specific respondents.
  • Time Management: Quilgo provides the ability to set start and end times for tests, as well as the duration of the assessment. This allows users to host assessments within specific timeframes and ensures timely results.
  • Auto-Submission: Quilgo enables response auto-submission, automatically saving and submitting respondents' answers. This feature ensures that responses are not lost due to technical issues or interruptions.
  • Proctoring Tools: Quilgo offers non-invasive proctoring tools to discourage cheating, including camera tracking and screen recording to detect unfair behavior during assessments.
  • Grading and Reporting: Users can save time on grading multiple-choice and checkbox questions, manually score open-ended questions, and view and share comprehensive reports on group performance and individual knowledge gaps.

Use Case

  • Education: Quilgo is useful for teachers and educational institutions to automate assessments, quizzes, and exams, saving time on grading and gaining insights into student performance.
  • Recruitment: Quilgo can be used by businesses and recruiters to conduct online assessments and interviews, streamline the evaluation process, and ensure fair and efficient candidate evaluation.
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