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Main Purpose

Plus AI is an AI-powered presentation maker for Google Slides that aims to simplify the process of creating professional and engaging slide decks.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Presentation Creation: Plus AI uses artificial intelligence technology to generate slide layouts, rewrite existing slides, and create well-formatted presentations.
  • Custom Themes: Users can design custom themes by simply typing in the name of the theme, and Plus AI will automatically select beautiful fonts and colors for the deck.
  • Co-creation and Co-writing: Plus AI provides tips and tricks on how to improve presentations on each slide, allowing users to co-create and co-write with the AI.
  • Consistent Design and Style: Plus AI helps ensure that team presentations have consistent designs, styles, and tones by creating shared themes and custom AI instructions.
  • Data Integration: Plus AI offers Plus Snapshots, which allows users to pull data from analytics tools and apps and embed live snapshots in their presentations.
  • Translation and Formatting: Plus AI can translate slides into different languages and apply consistent formatting using the Remix tool.

Use Case

  • Sales Presentations: Plus AI can automatically generate customized slide decks for each customer or prospect, saving time and effort.
  • Educational Materials: Teachers and trainers can use Plus AI to create training materials and educational content, allowing them to focus on teaching rather than slide design.
  • Business Assistant: Plus AI can assist in basic research, transform blog posts into slide decks, and create well-formatted slides, acting as a personal business analyst.
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