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Main Purpose

The main purpose of LABS.GOOGLE is to provide a space where users can test out Google's early ideas for features and products.

Key Features

  • Search Labs: Offers new ways to explore information in Google Search, such as AI-powered overviews, pointers, and follow-up suggestions.
  • Workspace Labs: Provides new features to create and collaborate with AI in Google Workspace, including writing suggestions in Google Docs and Gmail, data organization in Sheets, and text-generated images in Slides.
  • NotebookLM: An AI-first notebook powered by users' notes and sources.
  • MusicLM: A tool that turns text descriptions into music.

Use Case

  • Testing and Feedback: LABS.GOOGLE allows users to test and experiment with Google's early ideas for features and products and provide feedback directly to the teams who built them.
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