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Main Purpose

Plus AI is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating professional presentations, including quarterly business review (QBR) decks.

Key Features

  • Customized QBR Decks: Plus AI creates tailor-made QBR presentations based on the details you provide about your business and client work.
  • Google Slides Integration: Plus AI integrates with Google Slides, providing a fully customizable outline and AI assistance with editing.
  • Educational Content: Plus AI can help create training decks and educational materials.
  • Strategy and Research: The AI can assist in drafting strategy or research presentations.
  • Assistance in All Presentation Types: Plus AI is versatile and can aid in any presentation type.
  • Enterprise-Level Solutions: Plus AI offers custom AI models, enterprise security, and custom integrations for larger organizations.
  • Automation of Reporting: Plus AI can automate reporting, including building dashboards and aggregating data from various tools.

Use Case

  • Creating professional and customized QBR decks for businesses.
  • Streamlining the presentation creation process for various purposes, such as pitching to clients, conducting meetings, and generating reports.
  • Automating reporting and data aggregation from multiple tools.
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