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Main Purpose

The main purpose of NVIDIA LaunchPad AI is to provide resources and support for accelerating AI development and deployment. It aims to empower data scientists, machine learning engineers, and business analysts by offering a comprehensive platform for AI workflows.

Key Features

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise: NVIDIA LaunchPad AI includes the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, which provides a suite of tools and frameworks for AI development and deployment.
  • NVIDIA-Certified Systems: The platform offers NVIDIA-certified systems, ensuring compatibility and performance for AI workloads.
  • NVIDIA RAPIDS: NVIDIA LaunchPad AI includes NVIDIA RAPIDS, a suite of open-source software libraries for accelerating data science and machine learning workflows.
  • NVIDIA Triton Inference Server: The platform supports NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, which enables efficient deployment of AI models for inference.
  • PyTorch and XGBoost: NVIDIA LaunchPad AI includes popular AI frameworks like PyTorch and XGBoost, providing flexibility and choice for developers.

Use Case

  • Data Science and Machine Learning: NVIDIA LaunchPad AI is designed to support data scientists, machine learning engineers, and business analysts in their AI workflows, from data preprocessing to model training and deployment.
  • Accelerated AI Development: The platform enables faster development and iteration of AI models by leveraging NVIDIA's optimized software and hardware solutions.
  • AI Deployment and Inference: NVIDIA LaunchPad AI facilitates the deployment and inference of AI models at scale, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
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