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Main Purpose

LangSmith is a platform that allows users to refine, test, and version language model applications and intelligent agents in one place. It provides tools for tracing, evaluating, and moving language models from prototype to production.

Key Features

  • Prompt Hub: LangSmith's Prompt Hub makes it easier to discover and save successful prompts for any use case, eliminating the need to start from scratch.
  • Refinement and Testing: LangSmith provides tools for refining and testing language model applications, allowing users to fine-tune and optimize their models for specific tasks.
  • Versioning: The platform allows users to version their language models, enabling them to track changes, compare different versions, and ensure reproducibility.

Use Case

  • Language Model Development: LangSmith is designed for developers and researchers working on language model applications, providing them with a centralized platform for refining, testing, and versioning their models.
  • Intelligent Agent Development: The platform can be used to develop and optimize intelligent agents powered by language models, enabling users to create more effective and efficient conversational agents, chatbots, and virtual assistants.
  • Workflow Integration: LangSmith offers end-to-end examples and tutorials demonstrating ways to integrate the platform into existing workflows, helping users leverage its features for tasks such as user feedback integration, automated feedback pipelines, and RAG workflow evaluation.
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