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Main Purpose is an AI-native app that streamlines the idea curation flow and helps users map out ideas. It offers features such as Story Map (interactive visual storytelling), Chat Map (ChatGPT on a 2-dimensional map), and Concept Map (interactive concept mapping with AI).

Key Features

  • Story Map: provides an interactive visual storytelling feature that allows users to create engaging narratives using a map-based interface.
  • Chat Map: The app incorporates ChatGPT on a 2-dimensional map, enabling users to have interactive conversations and brainstorm ideas in a unique way.
  • Concept Map: offers an interactive concept mapping feature with AI assistance, allowing users to visually organize and connect ideas in a dynamic and intuitive manner.

Use Case

  • Idea Curation and Organization: is designed to help individuals and teams curate, organize, and map out their ideas in a visual and interactive manner. It can be used for brainstorming, project planning, storytelling, and concept mapping.
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