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Main Purpose

Clay is a platform that aims to help users scale their most creative outbound ideas by providing tools for lead generation, lead enrichment, and connecting with various tools in their tech stack.

Key Features

  • Lead Generation: Clay allows users to pull in lists of leads from multiple sources, including LinkedIn, Github, HubSpot/Salesforce, CSV imports, and Webhooks.
  • Lead Enrichment: The platform has partnerships with enrichment providers to enhance lead data, providing information such as open roles, years of experience, and validated work emails.
  • Integration with Tools: Clay connects with hundreds of different tools, including Outreach,, HubSpot/Salesforce, Apollo, and Zapier, allowing seamless integration within users' tech stack.

Use Case

  • Outbound Sales: Clay can be used by sales teams to generate leads, enrich lead data, and connect with various tools for effective outbound sales strategies.
  • Marketing Campaigns: The platform can assist marketers in lead generation and enrichment, enabling targeted marketing campaigns based on enriched lead data.
  • Business Development: Clay can support business development efforts by providing lead generation and enrichment capabilities, as well as integration with tools for efficient outreach and follow-up.
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