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Main Purpose

The main purpose of is to provide an AI platform specifically designed for educators. It aims to assist teachers in various aspects of their work, including lesson planning, differentiation, assessment writing, IEP (Individualized Education Program) creation, and communication.

Key Features

  • 60+ AI tools: offers over 60 AI tools to support educators in tasks such as lesson planning, assessment writing, IEP creation, and more.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for complicated prompts and allowing educators to quickly access the tools they need.
  • Robust training resources: offers built-in training resources, including exemplars and certification courses, to help educators effectively utilize the AI tools.
  • Interoperability with LMS: The platform is interoperable with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Google Classroom, allowing for easy integration and exports.
  • Safety and privacy: prioritizes safety and privacy by incorporating safeguards, highlighting potential bias, emphasizing factual accuracy, and complying with privacy laws such as FERPA.

Use Case

  • Lesson planning: can assist educators in creating engaging and differentiated lesson plans.
  • Assessment writing: The platform provides tools to support educators in writing assessments for their students.
  • IEP creation: offers an IEP Generator tool that helps educators create a first draft of Individualized Education Programs, saving time in the IEP writing process.
  • Communication: Educators can utilize the platform's tools to streamline email communication with parents and staff.
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