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Main Purpose

MacGPT is a native app for macOS that allows users to quickly access chatGPT from their menu bar. It provides a convenient way to interact with the powerful language model on a Mac device.

Key Features

  • Global: Access chatGPT from anywhere on your Mac with the Global feature. Simply activate the Global textfield that pops up in the middle of your screen and start chatting with chatGPT.
  • Inline: Bring chatGPT directly into your textfields with MacGPT Inline. Just type your trigger phrase and prompt, and chatGPT will generate the rest.
  • Menubar: Quickly access chatGPT from your menu bar, either through the website or natively with the API.
  • Conversation Mode: Talk to chatGPT without touching your keyboard. With conversation mode, you can have back-and-forth conversations with the language model.

Use Case

  • Convenient access to chatGPT on macOS devices.
  • Quick and easy interaction with the language model for various tasks, such as generating text, answering questions, or getting creative ideas.
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