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Main Purpose

ixigo is a travel website that allows users to plan, book, and manage their trips across various modes of transportation such as flights, trains, and buses. It also provides hotel booking services.

Key Features

  • Flight Booking: Users can book domestic and international flights, check flight status, and receive fare drop alerts.
  • Train Booking: Users can search and book train tickets, check PNR status, and track train running status.
  • Bus Booking: Users can choose from a variety of buses and book bus tickets.
  • Hotel Booking: Users can find and book hotels from a wide range of options, including budget and luxury hotels.
  • Travel Utility Tools: ixigo offers various travel utility tools such as train PNR status and confirmation predictions, flight status updates, bus running status, and pricing and availability alerts.

Use Case

  • Planning and booking flights, trains, and buses for domestic and international travel.
  • Finding and booking hotels for accommodation during travel.
  • Checking PNR status, train running status, and flight status.
  • Getting fare drop alerts and finding the best deals on flights, hotels, and buses.
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