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Main Purpose

Chatmind is an AI-native mind mapping tool that allows users to create and refine mind maps through AI conversation. It aims to supercharge creative and productive workflows by generating visual mind maps from text in seconds.

Key Features

  • AI Text to Mind Map: Transform text into mind maps instantly.
  • Chat-guided Mind Mapping: Empowerment with real-time data infusion.
  • Present as Slides: Convert mind maps to slides effortlessly.
  • File History: Automatic save and access anytime on any device.
  • GPT-4 Model: Switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models with ease.
  • Share: Easily export mind maps in diverse formats for sharing.
  • Sticky Notes: Flexible notes ideal for organizing lengthy text or random ideas.
  • Themes: Swiftly switch mind map themes with one click.
  • Template: Select from a range of ready-made templates for quick starts.

Use Case

  • Brainstorming for AI startup ideas.
  • Thesis planning for environmental sustainability.
  • Team collaboration for expanded thinking and amplified creativity.
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