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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Endel is to provide personalized soundscapes to help users focus, relax, and sleep. It is backed by neuroscience and uses AI-powered technology to create adaptive soundscapes based on various inputs.

Key Features

  • AI-powered soundscapes: Endel uses AI technology to create personalized soundscapes that adapt in real-time.
  • Inputs for soundscape creation: The app takes inputs like time of day, weather, heart rate, and location to create the optimal personalized soundscape.
  • Modes for different activities: Endel offers different modes for relaxation, focus, sleep, recovery, study, and movement, each designed to support specific activities.
  • Collaborations with artists: Endel collaborates with innovative artists and thinkers to create original soundscapes, featuring artists like Grimes, Miguel, Alan Watts, and Richie Hawtin.
  • Wear OS integration: The app has a Wear OS app that allows users to see their current and upcoming biological rhythms phases on their watch face.

Use Case

  • Relaxation: Endel helps calm the mind and create feelings of comfort and safety.
  • Focus: The app boosts productivity by helping users concentrate for longer periods.
  • Sleep: Endel soothes users into a deep sleep with soft, gentle sounds.
  • Recovery: The app revives wellbeing with sounds engineered to lower anxiety.
  • Study: Endel improves concentration and keeps users calm while studying or working.
  • Movement: The app boosts performance and enjoyment while walking, hiking, and running.

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