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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Audiobox is to generate audio content, including speech, sound effects, and soundscapes, using a combination of voice inputs and natural language text prompts.

Key Features

  • Generate realistic human voices
  • Generate sound effects (short, discrete sounds) like a dog bark or a car horn
  • Generate soundscapes by combining different sounds, such as a running river and birds chirping
  • Restyle voices to make them sound as though they are in a different environment, like a large cathedral
  • Combine voice inputs with text style prompts to synthesize speech in different environments or emotions
  • Edit audio segments by inserting or replacing sound effects

Use Case

  • Content creators can use Audiobox to generate custom audio for videos, podcasts, or games
  • Audiobook producers can create realistic narrations using different voices and styles
  • Virtual assistant developers can generate voice responses for their applications
  • Game developers can create custom sound effects for their games
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