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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Good Tape is to provide a transcription service that converts audio files into text. It aims to save users time and effort by offering a simple and user-friendly solution for transcription needs.

Key Features

  • Transcription Service: Good Tape offers a tech-driven solution for transcribing audio files into precisely transcribed text.
  • File Formats: It accepts most audio file types, with a preference for.mp3 files.
  • Output Formats: Good Tape provides three files as output: a.txt file without time codes, a.txt file with time codes, and file for those working with subtitles.
  • Security and Privacy: Good Tape ensures the security and privacy of user recordings by transferring them fully encrypted, keeping them within the European Union, and deleting them immediately after transcription.

Use Case

  • Journalists: Good Tape is optimized for transcribing interviews and is built with journalists in mind. However, it is also used across various industries such as marketing, business consultancy, research, and video production.
  • Professionals: Good Tape can be used by professionals who need accurate and efficient transcription services for their audio recordings.
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