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Main Purpose

Beducated is an online platform that offers comprehensive and inclusive educational content on sexuality, intimacy, and relationships.

Key Features

  • 100+ courses on sex and relationships led by top experts
  • Safe and inclusive space for all, regardless of relationship status, sexual orientation, or gender
  • Video format for courses, allowing learners to access content at their own pace
  • Interactive features such as quizzes, exercises, and discussion forums for engagement and community building
  • Blog section with articles and resources covering various topics related to sexual well-being and relationships

Use Case

  • Individuals and couples seeking to expand their knowledge, explore their desires, and enhance their relationships in the realm of sexuality and intimacy
  • People who value a sex-positive and inclusive approach to sexuality and relationships
  • Those who want to improve communication skills, learn about sexual techniques, explore different forms of pleasure, and gain a deeper understanding of their own desires and boundaries
  • Couples looking to strengthen their emotional and physical connection, gain insights into relationship dynamics, and navigate challenges in a healthy and fulfilling way
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