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Main Purpose

Writer.com is a platform that offers a range of writing solutions, including AI content detection, assisted writing, plagiarism detection, quality monitoring, and backlink checking.

Key Features

  • Easy AI-detection tool: Allows users to analyze text or URLs to determine the AI score of the content.
  • Team collaboration: Enables large teams to scan up to 500,000 words per month, shared by up to five team members.
  • Understandable AI scoring: Provides a percentage score of human-generated content, with 100% indicating content without AI involvement.
  • Writing tools: Offers advanced features like assisted writing and plagiarism detection for professional writers or those looking to scale content production.

Use Case

  • Ensuring originality: Writer.com's AI content detection tool helps website owners and content creators identify AI-generated or unnatural texts to avoid penalties from search engines like Google.
  • Quality monitoring: The platform allows users to monitor the quality of their content by detecting AI involvement and ensuring a higher percentage of human-generated content.
  • Team collaboration: Writer.com facilitates collaboration among large teams by providing a shared platform for content analysis and monitoring.
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