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Main Purpose

UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor that allows users to view, annotate, edit, convert, and organize PDFs on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Key Features

  • Intuitive and clear interface
  • View, annotate, edit, convert, and organize PDFs
  • AI Assistant for summarizing, translating, explaining, and rephrasing PDFs
  • Annotate PDFs with markup tools, comments, shapes, stamps, and stickers
  • UPDF Cloud for seamless file access and synchronization across devices
  • Organize PDF pages by rotating, inserting, extracting, copying, and deleting
  • Split-screen mode for opening two files simultaneously
  • Compress PDF files
  • Share PDF files via email or other platforms

Use Case

  • Reading, annotating, and editing PDF documents
  • Summarizing and translating lengthy PDFs
  • Adding comments, shapes, and stamps to PDFs
  • Organizing and managing PDF pages
  • Compressing and sharing PDF files
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