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Main Purpose

SoftServe Inc. is a premier IT consulting and digital services provider. Their main purpose is to expand the horizon of new technologies to solve complex business challenges and achieve meaningful outcomes for their clients.

Key Features

  • Digital Engineering: SoftServe helps clients architect and execute mature and innovative capabilities in digital engineering.
  • Data and Analytics: They provide expertise in data and analytics to help clients gain insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Cloud: SoftServe offers cloud solutions to help clients leverage the power of cloud computing.
  • AI/ML: They specialize in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help clients harness the potential of these technologies.
  • Solution Architecture: SoftServe provides solution architecture services to design and implement effective solutions for clients' business needs.

Use Case

  • High Tech: SoftServe works with high-tech companies to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies.
  • Financial Services: They help financial services companies leverage technology to improve their operations and customer experience.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: SoftServe assists healthcare and life sciences organizations in leveraging technology for better patient care and research.
  • Retail: They provide digital solutions to help retail companies enhance their customer experience and optimize their operations.
  • Energy and Manufacturing: SoftServe helps energy and manufacturing companies improve their efficiency and productivity through technology solutions.
Pricing Model:

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