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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the Prodia Mobile website is to provide a mobile application that connects users to Laboratorium Klinik Prodia, the largest and most comprehensive clinical laboratory in Indonesia.

Key Features

  • Medical Check Convenience: Prodia Mobile allows users to register, choose the type of examination or check-up, determine the date and location, and make online payments for medical check-ups.
  • Physician Consultation: Users can consult directly with physician customer service through the app if they need guidance or advice.
  • Branch Information: The app provides information about all branches of Prodia, allowing users to find the nearest location for their medical needs.
  • Health Tips: Prodia Mobile offers health tips to support users' healthy lifestyle, providing valuable information for maintaining well-being.

Use Case

  • Medical Check-up: Individuals can use Prodia Mobile to conveniently schedule and pay for medical check-ups or examinations at Laboratorium Klinik Prodia.
  • Physician Consultation: Users who require guidance or advice regarding their health can directly consult with physician customer service through the app.
  • Branch Location Finder: The app helps users find the nearest Prodia branch for their medical needs, making it easier to access laboratory services.
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