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Main Purpose

The main purpose of SigmaOS is to provide a web browser with a contextual AI assistant called Airis.

Key Features

  • Contextual AI Assistant: Airis is an AI assistant integrated into the SigmaOS web browser that understands the context of web pages and provides relevant answers based on that context.
  • Right-Click Functionality: Users can easily call Airis by right-clicking on a text selection, eliminating the need to open a side column or another tab.
  • Rewriting and Translation: Airis can rewrite or reword sentences or paragraphs and effectively translate articles and webpages in multiple languages using the GPT-3.5-Turbo model.
  • Multiple Tasks Simultaneously: Unlike other AI agents, Airis allows users to assign multiple rewriting or translation tasks on different pages without having to wait for one to finish.

Use Case

  • Contextual Information Retrieval: Airis is useful for users who want to quickly retrieve relevant information based on the context of the web page they are reading.
  • Content Rewriting and Translation: Airis can assist users in rewriting or translating content, making it simpler, adding humor, or even translating it into different languages.
  • Efficient Multitasking: With Airis, users can perform multiple rewriting or translation tasks simultaneously on different pages, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
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