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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the Opera Browser website is to provide information and promote the features of the Opera web browser, including its AI-powered browser AI called Aria.

Key Features

  • Browser AI: Aria, the browser AI, allows users to chat with an AI assistant directly in the Opera browser.
  • Creative Content Generation: Aria can help users generate new content based on their ideas and guidelines, such as tweets, emails, or DMs.
  • Information Retrieval: Aria can provide answers to questions, find information on the web, and compile information from multiple online sources.
  • Writing Assistance: Aria can assist users in writing various types of text, such as emails, social media posts, or any other style specified by the user.
  • Content Summarization: Aria can summarize or shorten web content for easier consumption.
  • Idea Generation: Aria can help users brainstorm projects, refine concepts, and generate ideas.

Use Case

  • Users can chat with Aria to get answers to their questions or find information on the web.
  • Aria can assist users in writing emails, social media posts, or any other type of text, providing suggestions and improvements.
  • Users can use Aria to generate creative content, such as tweets or DMs, based on their ideas and guidelines.
  • Aria can help users summarize or shorten web content for easier consumption.
  • Users can rely on Aria for idea generation and brainstorming for various projects.
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