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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Shortwave is to provide an advanced email client that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance productivity and organization in email communication.

Key Features

  • Scheduled send: Allows users to schedule emails to be sent at a later time.
  • Calendar integration: Users can accept or reject calendar invites directly within the app.
  • Granular push controls: Provides personalized push notifications to minimize disruptions.
  • Do Not Disturb: Users can choose to receive push notifications only when desired.
  • Light & dark modes: Offers two beautifully-designed themes for different visual preferences.
  • Thread links: Enables referencing emails from other apps using permanent links.
  • Saved searches: Allows users to add favorite senders, labels, and searches to the sidebar for quick access.
  • Multi-account support: Users can easily switch between Gmail accounts on any device.
  • Command palette: Provides keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation and actions.
  • Signatures & aliases: Securely import signatures and send emails from different aliases.

Use Case

  • Enhanced Email Management: Shortwave is designed to help users efficiently manage their email communication, stay organized, and save time.
  • Personal and Professional Use: It caters to both personal and professional email users who seek a smarter and more productive email experience.
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