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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the website is to provide an AI-powered workspace that helps individuals and teams manage their knowledge, collaborate, and improve their workflows.

Key Features

  • Page Templates: Users can start meetings, daily notes, or project plans from pre-defined templates with just one click.
  • Link Previews: When pasting a website URL, Saga automatically generates a catchy preview of the page with images and additional text, providing more context to the note.
  • Embeds: Users can quickly add videos and various types of online content directly into their Saga pages, making it easy for teammates to discover and access.
  • Collaboration: Saga is working on bringing collaboration features to enable real-time collaboration, mentioning team members, and receiving automated notifications.
  • Mobile Support: Saga now works on mobile browsers on iOS and Android, allowing users to access their workspace on the go.

Use Case

  • Knowledge Management: is ideal for individuals and teams who want to efficiently manage their knowledge, organize information, and have it easily accessible and connected.
  • Project Planning: Users can create project plans, collaborate with team members, and track progress using Saga's workspace features.
  • Meeting Notes: Saga's templates and collaboration capabilities make it convenient for users to take meeting notes, share them with colleagues, and refer back to them later.
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