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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the website RoomGPT ( is to provide AI-powered tools for home and room design, allowing users to visualize and create their dream living spaces.

Key Features

  • AI Room Design: Users can upload a photo of their room or home and get instant access to stunning interior and exterior design ideas generated by AI.
  • AI Home Design: The platform offers AI-powered design suggestions and personalized recommendations for designing every room in a house, from the bathroom to the bedroom, living room, and kids' room.
  • Integration with Lensa: RoomGPT integrates with Lensa, an image recognition technology, allowing users to see how different design options would look in their space.
  • Avatar Creation: Users can create their own avatar and visualize how different furniture and decor options would look in their home.
  • Design Styles and Principles: RoomGPT provides knowledge on various design styles such as minimalism, maximalism, Scandinavian design, rustic decor, and more, as well as principles like feng shui and color theory.
  • Sustainability and Green Design: The platform offers suggestions for using eco-friendly products and sustainable materials in home design.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: RoomGPT extends its design inspiration to outdoor living spaces, providing ideas for creating a backyard oasis.

Use Case

  • Home and Room Design: RoomGPT is ideal for individuals who want to design and visualize their dream living spaces, whether they are revamping a single room or planning the design of an entire home.
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