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Main Purpose is an online real estate marketplace that provides users with access to property listings, real estate information, and tools to aid in the home buying and selling process.

Key Features

  • AI Dream Home Builder: offers an AI-powered experience called the Dream Home builder, which allows users to create their dream home by describing it in their own words. The AI generates an image of the house and searches for real homes on that match the user's vision and style.
  • Image Recognition: The AI Dream Home builder uses image recognition technology to search hundreds of thousands of listings on and find the closest visual matches to the user's dream home.
  • Content Creation and Discovery: The AI-powered technology combines content creation and content discovery capabilities to provide a visually engaging way of finding homes.

Use Case

  • Home Buyers:'s AI Dream Home builder is useful for home buyers who want to visualize and refine their ideal home before starting their search. It helps them find real homes that match their vision and style.
  • Home Sellers: The AI-powered technology can also benefit home sellers by providing insights into the preferences and tastes of potential buyers, helping them stage and market their homes more effectively.
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