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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Mixpanel Spark Beta is to provide a platform that incorporates generative AI to answer product, marketing, and revenue-related questions in plain language.

Key Features

  • Natural Language Query: Users can ask questions or make requests in plain language, and Mixpanel Spark Beta will generate the appropriate report with the corresponding chart to provide the answer.
  • Objective Calculation and Modification: Mixpanel Spark Beta can handle questions or requests that involve objective calculations or modifications of data, such as breaking down data by country or determining the number of videos watched in a specific time period.
  • No Subjective Questions: The platform does not support subjective questions, often referred to as "why" questions, which require subjective interpretation or analysis.

Use Case

  • Data Analysis: Mixpanel Spark Beta is useful for individuals or teams who need to analyze and gain insights from their data, especially for objective calculations and modifications.
  • Product and Marketing Optimization: Users can leverage Mixpanel Spark Beta to ask questions related to product usage, marketing campaigns, or revenue metrics, helping them optimize their strategies and decision-making.
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