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Main Purpose

Liner is an AI-powered virtual assistant and copilot that helps users digest and manage information from the web, YouTube, and PDFs more efficiently.

Key Features

  • AI Copilot powered by ChatGPT: Engage in live discussions, ask questions, translate, simplify, and generate email drafts while reading web articles, PDFs, and watching YouTube videos.
  • ChatGPT based Google Search Assistant: Get ChatGPT responses next to Google search results, access article references, and utilize suggested questions to expand your search.
  • Web&PDF Highlighter: Highlight and collect helpful information from articles, YouTube videos, images, ChatGPT prompts, and more.
  • Content Curation: Discover new AI recommendations based on the information you collect.

Use Case

  • Digesting information from the web, YouTube, and PDFs more efficiently.
  • Engaging in live discussions and asking questions while reading or watching content.
  • Translating and simplifying sentences for easier comprehension.
  • Generating email drafts.
  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency in research and work-related activities.
Pricing Model:

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