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Main Purpose

DoNotPay is an online legal service and chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to provide various legal services and help users fight big corporations, protect their privacy, find hidden money, and beat bureaucracy.

Key Features

  • Fight Corporations
  • Beat Bureaucracy
  • Find Hidden Money
  • Cancel Subscriptions
  • Automatically Cancel Your Free Trials

Use Case

  • Contest parking tickets
  • Generate legal documents on consumer protection and immigration rights
  • Seek refunds on flight tickets and hotel bookings
  • Cancel free trials
  • Sue people
  • Apply for asylum or homeless housing
  • Seek claims from Equifax during security breaches
  • Obtain U.S. visas and green cards
  • Use the Free Trial Card feature to sign up for free online trials and automatically decline charges after the trial period ends
  • Automatically apply for refunds, cancel subscriptions, fight spam, combat volatile airline prices, and file damage claims with city offices
Pricing Model:

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