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Main Purpose

DNSFilter is a DNS security platform that aims to protect organizations from online threats and provide secure and filtered internet access. It offers advanced DNS filtering and threat protection services to help organizations safeguard their networks and users from malicious websites, malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats.

Key Features

  • DNS Filtering: DNSFilter provides customizable DNS filtering capabilities to block access to malicious or inappropriate websites, ensuring a safer internet browsing experience.
  • Threat Protection: The platform offers real-time threat protection by analyzing DNS requests and blocking access to known malicious domains and IP addresses.
  • Content Filtering: DNSFilter allows organizations to enforce content filtering policies to restrict access to specific categories of websites, such as adult content, gambling, or social media.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The platform provides detailed reporting and analytics on DNS traffic, allowing organizations to gain insights into internet usage patterns and potential security threats.
  • Roaming Client: DNSFilter offers an Android Roaming Client that extends DNS filtering and threat protection to mobile devices, ensuring secure internet access even outside the office.

Use Case

  • Internet Security: DNSFilter is used by organizations to enhance internet security by blocking access to malicious websites and protecting against online threats.
  • Content Control: The platform helps organizations enforce content control policies by filtering out inappropriate or non-work-related websites.
  • Compliance: DNSFilter assists organizations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by blocking access to websites that violate compliance standards.
  • Mobile Security: The Android Roaming Client provided by DNSFilter enables organizations to extend DNS filtering and threat protection to mobile devices, ensuring secure internet access on the go.
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