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Main Purpose

CodeGPT is an AI-powered extension that helps developers code more efficiently by providing chat assistance, code autocompletion, code explanation, error-checking, and more.

Key Features

  • AI Chat Assistance: CodeGPT offers a chat interface where developers can have coding conversations and get assistance from AI models.
  • Code Autocomplete: Users can choose from a variety of AI models to receive tailored and contextually relevant code suggestions.
  • Code Explanation: Developers can select a piece of code and get a detailed explanation of it from CodeGPT.
  • Code Refactoring: CodeGPT can intelligently refactor selected code to improve its quality.
  • Code Documentation: CodeGPT can generate comprehensive documentation for selected code.
  • Bug Detection: CodeGPT can identify issues within selected code and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Unit Testing: CodeGPT can generate unit tests for selected code.
  • Run Code Interpreter (Beta): CodeGPT allows users to create and open a notebook for code execution.

Use Case

  • Pair Programming: CodeGPT can act as a pair-programming partner, assisting developers in writing better code.
  • Code Autocompletion: Developers can use CodeGPT to receive precise and tailored code suggestions.
  • Code Explanation and Refactoring: CodeGPT can provide detailed explanations of code and help improve its quality.
  • Code Documentation: CodeGPT can generate comprehensive documentation for code.
  • Bug Detection and Unit Testing: CodeGPT can help identify issues and generate unit tests for code.
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