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Main Purpose is an analog photo editor and look designer that offers a complete RAW processing solution for photographers and filmmakers. It provides advanced color grading capabilities and the ability to create 3D LUTs for integrating into various workflows.

Key Features

  • LOG-based RAW processing with VisionLog, an ultra-wide-gamut, log-encoded color space.
  • Support for reading almost all image formats, including raw files from over 600 cameras.
  • Dedicated tools for developing show looks and film emulation LUTs for on-set and post-production workflows.
  • Cloud-based look library, deep gamut shaping, and 3D LUT visualization.
  • Native support for ACEScct, DaVinci Wide Gamut, Arri REVEAL Color Science, RED IPP2, and more.
  • Ability to generate 3D LUTs for popular color grading and video editing applications.
  • Support for HDR workflows, including compatibility with REC2020 ST2084.
  • Wide range of supported cameras and input color spaces, including proprietary IDTs for cameras not directly supported by ACES.

Use Case

  • Photographers can use for RAW photo development, color grading, and look creation.
  • Filmmakers and cinematographers can utilize for developing show looks, creating film emulation LUTs, and managing looks from set to post-production.
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