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Main Purpose

Aspen Systems Inc specializes in High Performance Computing (HPC) by developing, building, and supporting supercomputers that help solve complex problems and answer challenging questions.

Key Features

  • High Performance Computing: Aspen Systems Inc focuses on providing leading solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) users and administrators.
  • Supercomputing: The company develops and supports supercomputers that offer exceptional computational power for scientific research, data analysis, and simulations.
  • Facility Design Services: Aspen Systems Inc offers facility design services to optimize the performance and efficiency of HPC systems.

Use Case

  • Research and Science: Aspen Systems Inc's supercomputers and HPC solutions are used in various research fields, including scientific research, climate modeling, genomics, and engineering simulations.
  • Government and Education: The company serves government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations that require high-performance computing capabilities for their projects and operations.
  • Innovation and Technology: Aspen Systems Inc supports industries where innovation is crucial, providing HPC solutions for cutting-edge technologies and advancements.
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