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Main Purpose

Tammy AI is an advanced B2C platform that offers a suite of AI-powered products to help users save time on YouTube by providing condensed summaries, chat-based Q&A, timestamps, and a library feature.

Key Features

  • Basic Summary: Provides a condensed summary of YouTube videos, incorporating chapters and key points.
  • Pro Summary: Offers a more comprehensive summary with extensive key points, emojis, timestamps, and an overview.
  • Chat QnA: AI-generated question feature that allows users to dive deep into a video quickly, with the option to play answers using video timestamps.
  • Explore: Allows users to explore and discover new content based on their preferences.
  • My Library: Enables users to save their summaries for record keeping and easy access.

Use Case

  • Users who want to save time by quickly getting an overview of YouTube videos through condensed summaries.
  • Individuals who prefer reading or scanning through summaries instead of watching complete YouTube videos.
  • Language learners who want to practice listening and comprehension skills by using the chat-based Q&A feature.
  • Users who want to save and organize their summaries for future reference using the My Library feature.
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